“Despite COVID-19, Nobody Starves Thanks To Dedicated Animal Lover”

In an artical recently posted on (a company that has been in the pet care industry since 1986), the writer refers to the post about the April 29th interview, with Gary Kaufman (Founder & President of Nobody Starves On Long Island). The title of the article: “Despite COVID-19 Nobody Starves Thanks to Dedicated Animal Lover” highlights the work being done by Gary and Nobody Starves On Long Island, as the Pandemic and resulting financial crisis continues to effect Long Island residents and families. This crisis has added a much higher demand for pet food and supplies, as quoted in the article- “With the recent Coronavirus pandemic hitting the world hard, the residents of Long Island are seeing hard times. Between seniors who can’t leave the house for illness worries to families without the income to buy food for furry family members, Kaufman is working double-time, and then some, to be sure everybody gets fed.” The already difficult task has increased to at least 4 times what it was pre-pandemic, and it seems with each day there is a higher need for the services provided by Nobody Starves On Long Island.

I think it’s important to recognize that often when humanity is struggling through hard times we look to each other for help, but when we were cooped up in quarantine that human connection was nearly impossible for many Long Islander’s and American’s alike. In times of despair, grief, and loneliness it becomes clear to many pet owners how important our furry family can be in helping us overcome and push forward, and ultimately to maintaining our mental health and wellbeing. Whether we were lonely at home for months and found hope in these loyal companions or if we were “essential workers” putting in long hours to keep the country running and coming home to the loving sound of barks or meows, it may or may not be clear just how large a role was and continues to be played by our pet family. For those who have hit hard times during or prior to this crisis, it can be difficult enough to feed and take care of our selves and human family, and adding the financial and emotional burden of feeding/caring for our pets, can be devastating to many. Being forced to choose between feeding yourself or your beloved pet should never be something that anyone has to struggle with, and worse may be the idea of having to give up that loving, loyal, furry member of your family simply because you are unable to provide the food they need to survive. Thankfully with the support of donors and volunteers, Nobody Starves On Long Island has been able to reieve that burden for many Long Island residents, and the mission to “feed them all” will continue.

Despite COVID-19, Nobody Starves Thanks To Dedicated Animal Lover

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